The netCommmons Team

The netCommons project

netCommons is a Horizon2020 research project, which follows a novel transdisciplinary methodology on treating network infrastructure as commons, for resiliency, sustainability, self-determination, and social integration. Project partners have expertise in engineering, computer science, economics, law, political science, urban, media, and social studies; and close links with successful Community Networks like,, and

Recent blog entries

Encounters in the hybrid city: Berlin

‘Encounters in the hybrid city’ is an ongoing series of events that started in March 2018, initiating encounters between different activists claiming the rights of citizens in the digital and physical domains. They have much to learn from each other's practices, challenges, and expertise, but also can support each other's agenda through various forms of collaboration.

netCommons guidelines for telecom policy-makers

After two years of working with Community Networks and policy-makers, netCommons is proud to announce the release of our policy brief entitled "Enabling the Telecommons: Guidelines for Policy-Makers."

Recent and future events

The new EU telecommunications code in Greece and its effect on community networks

After a 2-day visit of the CN, this public event in Athens, July 9, brings together international experts with local stakeholders to build a better understanding of the key role of small providers and community networks, and their needs, and how the new EU telecommunications code might affect them. We will explore the situation in Greece as an EU member state and how Community Networks like CN can be supported and replicated as a model.

Sarantaporo conference: building the community in Community Networks

On July 7-9th researchers, practitioners, and key actors in the development of Community Networks around the world will visit one of the success stories of this movement in Greece, the Community Network. The event is co-organized by the netCommons project and the Non-Profit Organization.

Towards an Alternative Internet in the Age of Cambridge Analytica and Fake News 

As part of the netCommons project, UoW organized a one-day policy workshop in London in May 15, 2018 that brought together a range of stakeholders for discussing what kind of Internet is desirable; whether the digital commons pose viable models for the organisation of the Internet’s infrastructure, software, platforms and content; and what policies and measures are needed for strengthening the commons as alternatives to Internet monopolies, surveillance, privacy violations, and targeted ads.

Recent news

netCommons at UNESCO

The netCommons project, together with members of its advisory board visited on January 30, 2018, the offices of UNESCO in Paris for a discussion on the potential impact of Community Networks for several Internet Universality Indicators.

Félix Tréguer receives the IAMCR 2017 CP&T Best Emerging Scholar Award

Félix Tréguer of the CNRS netCommons team received the 2017 Emerging Scholar Best Paper Award of the CP&T (Communication Policy & Technology) section of the IAMCR (international association for media and communications research) for his paper Alternative Internet Networks: History and Legacy of a “Crazy Idea”.

Expression of Interest for a Junior Research Position: Legal and Policy Recommendations for Community networks

The Department of Engineering and Information Science of the University of Trento is recruiting a temporary junior researcher in media and telecommunications law (at the post-doctoral, PhD or master level) for a period of 12 months to produce legal information and policy recommendations for community networks, as part of the netCommons project.