On the Use of Eigenvector Centrality for Cooperative Streaming

TitleOn the Use of Eigenvector Centrality for Cooperative Streaming
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLuca Baldesi, L. Maccari, and R. Lo Cigno
JournalIEEE Communication Letters
Date PublishedJune 7, 2017

The timely and efficient cooperative distribution of a streamlined content in a communication network is a key feature for many applications and services. One of the unsolved problems is the assignment of transmission rates to nodes given the constraints imposed by the topology, so that all nodes receive the stream with the minimal global use of resources. This paper addresses the problem exploiting the notion of eigenvector centrality. It shows that the problem can be solved efficiently in a distributed way if every node is aware of the full network topology and that in certain cases only local information on the network graph is sufficient.