European Commons Assembly

The first European Commons Assembly is taking place on November 15-16 2016 in Brussels. Around 150 commoners will convene, discuss, showcase, and reclaim Europe in the European Parliament, in cooperation with the EP intergroup on Common Goods and Public Services.

netCommons will be there to advocate for laws and policies required to support the numerous community networks across Europe and in general the concept of network infrastructure as commons.

Edit: Watch the 7min presentation of Panayotis Antoniadis on examples of the "network infrastructure as commons" case study:

Everything started a few months ago, when 28 activists from 15 European countries met for 3 days in Villarceaux, France in May 2016 to develop a shared agenda for the commons.  Since then, a process of shared visions and strategies for the commons in Europe has continued to grow. Each week, new individuals introduce themselves into this commons community.  All the participants are committed to the development of European Commons Assembly: a flexible but unified alliance of diverse activists, mobilized across issues to impact politics.